For the Love of Wild Things

At Jungaloo, we know that kids love more than just dogs, cats, and unicorns. They love wild animals! Our endangered animal backpacks, lunchboxes, and tote bags are designed to raise awareness for conservation efforts, and a portion of all our proceeds is donated to conservation organizations.


Endangered Animal Lunchboxes

Endangered Animal Book Bags

Perfect for toting books back and forth from school or the library!

Signature Tote Bags

You Are Making a Difference: More About Our Conservation Donations

Jungaloo donates to conservation organizations that employ strategic, multi-faceted approaches across continents to preserve wildlife and their environments. Many efforts are a long-term investment and may require working with local communities and governing bodies to enact laws and create initiatives to improve populations of endangered and threatened animals. We appreciate organizations that consider the specific resources and challenges related to conservation on the ground level as well as the political level.

We donate a portion of proceeds from each Jungaloo purchase. When you buy from us, you not only increase awareness by using your merchandise, but you're making a difference with us as we donate to the valiant efforts of these organizations! Thanks to their work, some formerly endangered animal populations are growing and gaining margin from the danger of extinction. We celebrate these wins and hope for many more in the future!

Missing your favorite animal?

If you love an endangered or threatened animal that you don't see on our website, contact us! We hope to add more designs and would be grateful to hear from you.

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